Aconite's partners in The Netherlands are:

  • A|B|M
  • VIGILO consult


Fred Eisner is owner of ABM and is a well known national and international expert on technical and societal issues. He studied Public Administration, University of Twente in Enschede (NL), and worked in Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, and ICT- and Internet-Industry. In the ICT-industry he was partner and CTO/CSO (Chief Technical & Security Officer) with one of the first Internet Service Providers in NL. After that, he served as president/CEO of NLIP (Dutch ISP Association) and was founding board member of EuroISPA. During that period he led several national and European industry-working groups on quality, security, continuity, resilience, and level-playing-fields.

Fred wrote several policy-recommendations, on cybercrime, on e-business and e-government, SPAM, critical infrastructure protection, level playing field, etc. He advises government as well as industry, in NL and EU. Was member of the Dutch delegation to the OECD-ministerial conference on E-Commerce in Ottawa/Canada in 1998. Since more then 10 years now he has been working as an independent legal and technical consultant and researcher, mostly on Internet Security (cybercrime, illegal content) and on Protection of Critical Infrastructures (continuity, resilience, cyberterrorism).

He is guest-lecturer in ICT & Security at University of Twente (Enschede) and Saxion Polytechnic Enschede. Fred is a member of the Supervisory Board of SIDN (.nl domain-name-registry) and of ENUM. He is an experienced evaluator and rapporteur for EU, mostly in Safer Internet Action Plan and in Framework-Programmes, also for Security Research (as a national expert). He is a member of ENISA's Permanent Stakeholders Group (PSG). Industry-Ambassador for Sentinels scientific Public-Private Research Programme on ICT-security. Member Dutch IPv6-TaskForce. Chairman “Internet-Quality-for-schools”-Foundation (KRID).

A|B|M Consultancy specializes in:

  • consultancy, research, training and coaching, for industry and governments in NL and EU, on
    • ICT and IST strategy development (local, national, international)
    • Internet-security and -policies
    • protection of critical infrastructures
    • fighting cybercrime
    • public and regulatory affairs
    • policy research
    • organisational (re)structuring, project management

VIGILO consult

VIGILO Consult is a Netherlands based consultancy specialising in internet enforcement, cybercrime and IT law related issues. Hein holds a masters degree in Dutch Civil law from Leiden University and he has more than five years of technical experience in forensic IT and law enforcement on the internet.

Through his role as legal and regulatory counsel and representative of the Netherlands ISP industry association (NLIP), Hein has an extensive background and more than ten years of experience in internet networking and internet policy as well as law enforcement related issues.

Hein was delegate to the board of the European Internet Service Providers Association (EuroISPA) where he actively contributed to interventions and policy papers on a variety of topics including the 2002 regulatory package, the ISP liability regime and privacy related issues. He has represented the Netherlands ISP industry in many other (inter)national fora.

As a member of the very successful OPTA (Onafhankelijke Post en Telecommunicatie Autoriteit), the Dutch telecommunications regulatory authority, internet-safety team Hein was responsible for the first major email spam fine under the 2002 EU regulatory framework and was involved in the infamous DollarRevenue spyware case. He headed several other anti-spam and anti-malware cases brought by OPTA, the Netherlands Independent Post and Telecommunications Administration.

Hein provides regular trainings to authorities in anti-spam and anti-malware forensics and has co-operated with many law enforcement agencies worldwide in spam cases, such as the US FTC and FBI, the Australian ACMA and the EU CPC network of consumer protection agencies. Hein is a member of the Netherlands association for Law and IT and his company, VIGILO consult, is an industry observer member at the London action plan on spam (LAP).

Hein regularly publishes and speaks on issues relating to internet law enforcement and cybercrime.