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Dr. Estelle De Marco is director of Inthemis and Secretary General of Montpellier's Centre of research on Information Security and Cybercrime (CRESIC).

Holding a Ph.D. in private law and criminal sciences, specialising in civil and criminal law, computer law and human rights, she has more than 13 years experience on IT legal issues and almost 10 years practical experience, both at the French and International levels, on legal and policy issues related to Internet illegal content (including Internet actors liability, IPR and data protection). She participates in the Europol Working Group on the Harmonisation of Cybercrime Investigation Training.

Estelle was Legal and Regulatory Affairs Counsel at the French Internet Service Providers Association (AFA) for 6 years. She has a strong understanding of IT technical issues. As manager of the AFA’s hotline against illegal content, she was involved in a day-to-day cooperation with the French police cybercrime unit and participated in INHOPE projects. She represented French Internet industry at many international fora.

She was a member of the Council of Europe working group to support the drafting of the Guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement and internet service providers against cybercrime adopted at the 2008 Octopus Conference. She completed several legal studies related to child care, cybercrime, IPR and technical threats to support the Industry’s position before the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of economics or the European Commission. In coordination with AFA members she wrote the Industry policy on the fight against spam and the first specifications of the Signal spam mechanism, which allows ISP to receive notices about outgoing spam from their network ( She participated in the creation of Signal spam and was a member of its Board. Estelle also worked for 4 years at Montpellier’s county Court.

Estelle is a member of Cyberlex (, a French IT legal and technical specialists association, and of the Scientific Committee of (, an online IT law specialised revue that regularly publishes contributions from professional lawyers, including academics. She has created and maintained for 10 years the Comité Réseaux des Universités (Universities Networking Committee) webpage on Internet “law and ethics”, designed for technical experts (